The Salem clinic is located on the Chemeketa Community College campus in Building 8.

Parking for Dental Clinic Patients

Designated dental hygiene parking is available for patients of the clinic. Patient parking is located on the southwest end of campus by building 8 and 9. Please see the embedded map on this page for more information on where to park.

Parking Permits

We will do our best to send you a parking permit in the mail for your first appointment. Be sure to display your permit from your mirror or on the dash of your car. If you do not receive a parking permit in the mail prior to your appointment, we can give you one at our reception desk.


Oregon Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic
Chemeketa Community College
4000 Lancaster Drive NE
Building 8, Room 101
Salem, Oregon 97305

Parking Regulations

Chemeketa has a very strict Parking Policy and Traffic Code. Temporary Day use permits are included in your new patient packet, or are available at our reception desk. These are date specific, and are not to be re-used. Violations of Chemeketa's parking code are subject to a citation or a warning.

The most common parking violations on Chemeketa's campus are:

No Permit Displayed

  • Permits must be visible and properly displayed on the mirror or dash.
  • Permits must be visible and properly displayed on dash
  • Permits must have the date clearly written


Failure to Display Disabled Permit

  • Disabled permits must be displayed as well as the temporary Dental Clinic Permit

No Parking Zones

  • Bus loop
  • Fire lanes
  • Service vehicle spaces

Other Regulations

  • Head-In parking only
  • Do not exceed one hour in visitor parking
  • Do not exceed the 20 mph speed limit on any campus roadway